ClassiPress Version 3.1.3

On July 27, 2011, ClassiPress 3.1.3 was released. This was a maintenance release to fix a couple of important issues. Upgrading is highly recommended. Fixed 10 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download v3.1.3, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account. Existing customers can download the patch or the full version.


  • fixed spelling of Antarctica country that gets setup during ClassiPress first install
  • fixed membership orders issue with multisite
  • fixed IE7 category selection jQuery issue
  • fixed pagination issue
  • fixed Facebook authentication issue with existing users
  • fixed issue with Facebook button showing when Facebook authentication was disabled
  • removed the Yahoo search auto suggestion engine since it was deprecated by Yahoo
  • added one pixel to height of search box to match the category height
  • fixed issue where upgrade message still shows even after theme upgrade is completed


  • geocoding enhancements for the location search
  • facebook authentication enable/disable option
  • renamed loop-ad.php to loop-ad_listing.php and updated get_template_part where necessary
  • added missing AppThemes API hooks to single-ad_listing.php and loop-ad_listing.php files

Files Modified

includes/appthemes-functions.php    Modified
includes/admin/admin-updates.php    Modified
includes/admin/admin-options.php    Modified
includes/admin/install-script.php    Modified
includes/forms/step3.php    Modified
includes/theme-actions.php    Modified
includes/theme-functions.php    Modified
includes/theme-facebook.php    Modified
classipress-no-admin.pot    Modified
classipress-no-admin.po    Modified
classipress.pot    Modified
classipress.po    Modified
single.php    Modified
taxonomy-ad_cat.php    Modified
header.php    Modified
taxonomy-ad_tag.php    Modified
index.php    Modified
changelog.txt    Modified
single-ad_listing.php    Modified
style.css    Modified
search.php    Modified
loop.php    Modified
loop-ad_listing.php    Added
loop-ad.php    Deleted
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