ClassiPress Version

On December 28, 2010, ClassiPress was released. This is a maintenance release and all customers should upgrade. Fixed 33 tickets total. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download v3.0.5.3, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account. You can download either the full version or the patch (just the changed files).


  • fixed issue where tooltip was attaching itself to all a hrefs in the admin panels
  • fixed colorbox and validation scripts that were not working for some customers
  • fixed sidebar blog dates from widget that was pulling todays date instead of the blog date
  • fixed required validation for checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • fixed featured.php and index.php child theme portability issue
  • fixed Enable Blog -> No option.
  • fixed the coupons module, multiple bugs were fixed here.
  • fixed “relisted ads” to update the listing date to the day it was relisted (shows up as “Just Listed” when relisted)
  • fixed broken sidebar tabs when posting a comment
  • fixed ad-block class by changing it to post-block to avoid ad blockers from failing to display classipress correctly
  • added the registration link back into the login page
  • fixed issue where ads only displayed 3 images even when more images were allowed and uploaded
  • fixed problem where coupon caused negative ad price to be calculated
  • fixed all the bugs associated with the checkboxes and radio buttons on the ad-edit page
  • fixed checkboxes and radio buttons so they appear correctly (instead of a drop-down) on the form builder preview page
  • fixed positioning issue with form validation error messages on both new ad and edit ad pages
  • fixed bug in loop.php where html would show up in ad listings blurb if character count was over 165
  • fixed bug where auto-complete search would only work if you were logged in as an admin & “Back Office Access” was not disabled
  • fixed upgrade script so it doesn’t prompt new installs to upgrade


  • added pagination on the user dashboard page so only 10 ads are listed per page
  • added support for custom hierarchical taxonomy permalinks for ad categories (only works in WP 3.1+)
  • added new admin chart dashboard widget showing total sales and new ads over the last 30 days (Small Business Edition or higher)
  • added two new advanced settings admin options. turn off wordpress version meta tag & disable admin menu (only works in WP 3.1+)
  • updated urls to include www

Files Modified

includes/admin/admin-style.css	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified
style.css	Modified
tpl-edit-item.php	Modified
includes/appthemes-functions.php	Modified
includes/theme-stats.php	Modified
includes/forms/step3.php	Modified
includes/forms/step-functions.php	Modified
includes/forms/login/login-form.php	Modified
includes/sidebar-blog-posts.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-notices.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-updates.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-enqueue.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-post-types.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-options.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-scripts.js	Modified
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
tpl-dashboard.php	Modified
includes/admin/install-script.php	Modified
includes/theme-widgets.php	Modified
includes/theme-enqueue.php	Modified
includes/theme-security.php	Modified
includes/theme-functions.php	Modified
footer.php	Modified
includes/js/theme-scripts.js	Modified
includes/theme-header.php	Modified
classipress.po	Modified
classipress-no-admin.po	Modified
loop-ad.php	Modified
classipress.pot	Modified
classipress-no-admin.pot	Modified
index.php	Modified
tpl-add-new.php	Modified
includes/js/jquery.flot.min.js	Added
images/pe-chart-teaser.png	Added
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