ClassiPress Version 3.0.3

On July 21, 2010, ClassiPress 3.0.3 was released. This is a major release and customers have the option to upgrade. Fixed 59 tickets total. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download v3.0.3, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account.



  • fixed bug where certain admin pages weren’t being translated even after the correct text was added
  • fixed google maps where TM overflows out of the box with CSS
  • fixed bug where child theme style.css was not getting included in the header
  • fixed bug which broke the sidebars when translated into a different language. added new register_sidebar arg “id” to key off instead of name
  • added ability for members to relist free ads for the original duration of the free ad
  • fixed use of depricated ‘siteurl’ variable where it was used in the theme
  • fixed the problem where some people exerienced broken layout when feature slider has certain types of content
  • added the favicon to the header properly and allow the use of favicons in the child themes image folder
  • adjusted css layout in html header, master.css was depricated and css styles moved to style.css, custom.css renamed to avoid overwriting customer files
  • added reset.css and modified theme-header to properly and effeciently work with child themes
  • fixed the “Pack Price” issue where it rounded all prices instead of allowing an exact price to be set
  • added ability to use the child theme functions file to override a large set of functions, see the READEME-FIRST.txt file for details.
  • greatly increased the ability to create child themes by enhancing the index.php archive.php and single.php files making nearly all the child theme files 1 to 1
  • no longer need to include index.php archive.php and single.php files in your child theme for it to work
  • fixed the problem where the option “Allow Ad Editing” set to no did nothing, now it protects your ads from editing
  • fixed problem where text-area custom fields show up with the list items near the photo, now they display above the “description” and added some CSS to seperate text area sections
  • fixed HMTL validation where main image had no ALT tag
  • added ability to use CSS on the custom fields by adding the “field name” as the “ID” for the list tag
  • added the IP address of the visitor that sends an inquiry to the ad owner when sending contact form emails
  • fixed contact form tab issue where contact tab would not be shown after form was submitted
  • fixed the duplicate posts that would show up in the “From the Blog” sidebar widget
  • added the feature and option that allows you to force all prices that are empty to appear as zero dollars of currency
  • minor changes to sidebar and widgets to prepare classipress for wordpress 3.0
  • fixed wordpress posts quickedit css so that titles were not modified and now looks and feels appropriate
  • renamed the widgets builtin to ClassiPress by giving them the “CP” prefix to make them easy to identify and use
  • update of cp_set_post_status function to be more efficient, and simpler therefore faster to execute
  • fixed the sidebar widget issue where the “Blog” categories were still showing up
  • fixed the blog author link that was incorrectly posting in the From the Blog widget
  • setup WP cron scheduler to expire posts instead of running on single page
  • fixed the problem where tinyMCE would only work on 1 text area, now works on all text areas when enabled
  • fixed the problem where the 4 column option for the category menu dropdown didn’t work, it works now
  • added upgrade assistant tool available on the ClassiPress dashboard displayed next to the version if upgrade is needed
  • fixed twitter, classipress, and forum feed urls



  • restyled the single ad images section
  • added new translation file that excludes the admin pages. makes it easier to translate front-end text only
  • included plugins as .zip files so it’s compatible to install using the WordPress plugin upload feature


Files Modified

images/bank-vault.png	Added
includes/gateways/banktransfer/banktransfer.php	Added
includes/gateways/banktransfer/index.php	Added
includes/gateways/banktransfer	Added
images/no-thumb-OLD.jpg	Added
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
tpl-profile.php	Modified
style.css	Modified
search.php	Modified
includes/gateways/process.php	Modified
includes/gateways/paypal/ipn.php	Modified
includes/gateways/paypal/paypal.php	Modified
includes/gateways/gateway.php	Modified
includes/gateways/admin-gateway-values.php	Modified
includes/theme-cron.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-options.php	Modified
tpl-dashboard.php	Modified
includes/theme-functions.php	Modified
includes/theme-login.php	Modified
includes/theme-emails.php	Modified
includes/form/step2.php	Modified
includes/form/step3.php	Modified
includes/form/step-functions.php	Modified
includes/theme-header.php	Modified
classipress.po	Modified
classipress-no-admin.po	Modified
sidebar-user.php	Modified
header.php	Modified
classipress.pot	Modified
classipress-no-admin.pot	Modified
sidebar.php	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified
cp-rtl.css	Deleted
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